Seamless Partnership Process

Partner with the best team and companies in the industry to elevate your business and your people.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Improve Operations: Join a team of industry-leading companies to dramatically boost performance.
  • Elevate Your Brand: Partner with HomeX’s marketing team to craft a powerful identity that resonates and endures.
  • Career Development: Create opportunities for your team that don’t exist today.
  • Culture: Join a group of family values-driven companies focused on doing right by their employees.
  • Expert Care: HomeX’s focus on training and operations equips your technicians to deliver best-in-class customer service.
  • Expanded Offerings: HomeX will help your business expand to satisfy more of your customers’ needs.

The HomeX Way

Embrace the HomeX approach for a streamlined, supportive, and efficient business integration experience.


Finding the Right Fit

Just like building a dream team, finding the right cultural and strategic fit is essential. If you value people and long-term growth, we might be the perfect match.


Agreement & Planning

Just as setting clear expectations with new team members helps avoid surprises, we establish key terms upfront. This 6 to 8-week due diligence process acts as a thorough orientation, covering financial, operational, and legal aspects to ensure a successful partnership.


Integration & Growth

Once the agreement is in place, think of it as starting a new project with your best team. Our integrations team ensures a smooth transition. Together, we’ll fuel your business growth and create exciting opportunities for your team.

What Our Partners Say

“Partnering with HomeX Services Group has essentially removed a tremendous pressure from my life. Now, I can continue to work in the industry that I love, and has been so good to me, without the associated daily stress.”

Dan Weltman
Director of Market Development
Weltman Home Services

“The genuine care and encouragement from the leadership team has empowered me to push my boundaries and achieve goals I never thought possible.”

Joseph Andrade
Chief Operating Officer
Gem Plumbing