Close-up of various electrical tools and components arranged on a pegboard. Included are yellow wire strippers, a black crimping tool, screwdrivers, and rolls of insulating tape.

Young Has Joined Gem Plumbing & Heating

We are happy to announce a new and exciting chapter for Young Electrical Services. We have joined GEM Plumbing and Heating!

This partnership will provide many new benefits but will maintain your current level of service that Young has provided for the last 30+ years.

We are confident you will be completely satisfied with this partnership with GEM Plumbing and Heating.

GEM is well known in the local marketplace, and we have been impressed by their Vision, Mission, Core Values and Guiding Principles for excellent client

Our local offices will remain, and you will continue to see the same familiar faces in your home or business. With this new partnership, we want to ensure a few key items related to your service:

  • GEM will remain your partner for any residential or commercial services or needs that you had in the past or may need in the future.
  • GEM shares our dedication to comprehensive solutions, fast and ecient service, and a dedication to being the best operator in New England.
  • Normally scheduled service requests, total client satisfaction, and access to customer service specialists will remain the same.
  • Continued clear communication on billing and payment processing with additional service orderings available.
  • Locally based team members servicing your account.
  • 24 hours a day support. When you need us; we will be there.
  • In addition to the same local service, a dedicated communications center team is available at the normal number 508.823.0279.
  • Thank you for allowing Young Electrical Services to be your partner to your home and business for the last 30 years.
  • The partnership with GEM Plumbing and Heating will further grow our “total customer service” vision that has always been critical to Young.

The Young Electrical Services Team

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